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Unsafe and Recalled Products

Thanks to lawsuits brought against Ford for the Pinto's design, which caused it to sometimes explode when hit from behind, the car's design was changed. This is just one of many examples of how product liability lawsuits help to make products safer for consumers. A recent study found that manufacturers who had been defendants in product liability lawsuits made changes to improve the safety of their products over 80% of the time.

Even so, the threat of lawsuits and punitive damages does not stop some manufacturers from deliberately placing profits over safety. Every year, unsafe products are approved to be sold in the United States and then are recalled after unnecessary injuries have occurred.

Examples include children's toys with lead, magnet toys, medical devices that cause injury, ATV's that are prone to rollover, faulty tires that result in rollovers, and vehicles that do not pass crashworthiness standards.

Product liability lawsuits often allege failure to warn, inadequate warning, defective design, and defective manufacture of a product. Legal Help - Our personal injury lawyers are available to discuss your product liability case with you at no charge.

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