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Unsafe and Recalled Drugs

Unsafe and Recalled Drugs | Seattle personal injury lawyer
Recalled drugs, unsafe medicine, withdrawn drugs, failure to warn, inadequate warnings.

One subcategory of product liability law focuses on unsafe and recalled pharmaceutical drugs. Each year, drug manufacturers are pressured to increase sales and profits, and huge fortunes often depend on getting a drug passed through the FDA and marketed to millions of Americans.

The result, unfortunately, is that many drugs are passed through the FDA without proper testing, and in some cases, with important safety data being withheld by the drug manufacturer. Once the drug is passed, the drug company's marketing machine takes over, pushing samples on doctors, taking doctors to restaurants and paying for their vacations to have them prescribe the drug or to say favorable things about the drug at medical conferences, and of course, those advertisements we see every single night on television.

Often times, the drug company is so desperate for profits that they encourage doctors to prescribe the drug for "off label" uses, or uses for which the FDA did not approve the drug.

Then, after the drug company has made hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars on the drug, the evidence begins to pile up showing that hundreds and sometimes thousands of innocent people have suffered unnecessary injury or even death. The drug may then be recalled from the market to prevent further injury. But what about the thousands who have been killed by the drug? What incentive does the drug company have to stop this kind of wrongful conduct?

Product liability and drug liability lawsuits, also referred to as pharmaceutical litigation lawsuits, are designed to obtain compensation for people who have been injured or killed as a result of unsafe drugs, and their families, and to deter future irresponsible conduct on the part of drug companies by holding them accountable.

The Vioxx Example

As an example of our work in this area, our law firm represented 20 victims of Vioxx. These individuals suffered heart attacks, strokes, or were killed as a result of the drug. Discovery in the lawsuits revealed that Merck knew Vioxx was dangerous, and that they concealed these risks from doctors.

Moreover, when medical school professors and doctors around the country began to voice concerns about the cardiovascular risks associated with Vioxx, Merck set out to buy these doctors silence. If this didn’t work, Merck set out to “discredit” the doctors. If this didn’t work, Merck threatened medical schools that they would lose Merck’s financial support if the schools did not silence the doctors.

Discovery in the lawsuits also revealed that Merck trained its sales representatives to play "Dodgeball." The company's own documents showed that it had its sales force go through a training session game called "dodgeball." In the game, the sales representatives were taught to dodge questions that doctors had regarding the cardiovascular safety of the drug.

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