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Medical Malpractice

Seattle Medical Malpractice Lawyer | Seattle personal injury lawyer
Medical malpractice, malpractice claims, medical negligence

The Institute of Medicine reports that medical errors kill 98,000 nearly Americans each year and hundreds of thousands more are seriously injured. Studies show that a startling 5% of the doctors are responsible for 50% of the medical malpractice committed in this country.

Some suggest that as many as 80% of all medical malpractice cases result in a defense verdict, meaning that the doctor wins and the injured patient loses. This is a startling fact, given that only 2% of people injured by physicians' negligence actually seek compensation through a lawsuit.

One of the reasons that has been suggested why so many lawsuits against doctors for medical malpractice are unsuccessful is that jurors, ordinary people like the rest of us, need to place faith in doctors and simply do not want to believe that doctors can do some of the horribly negligent things that they do. Whatever the reason, anyone pursuing a medical negligence case must understand several realities: the case will be hard fought, and it will be expensive.

Our law firm is careful to select medical negligence cases that we believe deserve to be brought. Once we have selected such a case, we will advance all costs necessary to bring the case to a successful conclusion.

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